Nobody has a proven manual or manuscript for dating, but there are universal principles that are terrestrially recognized. The rules differ from one person to another because we all have different personalities. The things that may be pleasant to one person might be irritating to another and vice versa. However, we all need love and attention from that special someone, and in this regard, you must try to find what works best for this person. It’s widely believed that dating women is a lot harder than dating men. Be that as it may, there are common tips that could help you make positive advances with a lady. These tips by a dating expert are adduced as follows;

The first impression matters

An initial perception has a lasting impact, and therefore you must do everything to ensure that it is the best version of yourself. Perception, no matter how flawed, is key to the how a person is adjudged. A bad first impression will take time to rectify, and this will undoubtedly set you on a back foot throughout the dating process. Therefore you must ensure that you avoid behaviors that not morally sound or socially unappealing. Your appearance must be neat, conservative and classy. It’s advisable for to get a good and neat haircut with a good aftershave. You should also pick a subtle scent that is neither mild nor strong.

Complement her

Complements should be mindful, respectful and random. Obvious compliments are good, but it’s better to extend one that is thoughtful and insightful.

Confidence is key

Women hold the confidence of a man in the utmost regard. However, confidence should be differentiated from cockiness because the latter is annoying whereas the former is considered mature and sexy. People that are naturally shy and quite can make up by listening more and responding adequately. In some cases, women prefer men that listen more and talk less. You just have to ensure that no matter the direction that you will want decide to go, you must exude passion and confidence in your mannerisms.

Avoid distractions

Distractions are the killers of great conversations and bonding between new lovebirds. Phones, Tv, friends, and work are common agents of distraction. You must ensure that you keep your focus on the lady and everything she says. It is recommended that you switch off your phone and avoid places that you are likely you meet your workmates and colleagues. Ideally, for the first dates, you just pick places that are secluded, serene and quite so that you can enjoy free-flowing conversation.