Volleyball drills may not be an interesting way of spending the afternoon, but they make you a good player. This is an enjoyable sport especially if you like to hit the beach. Playing indoor volley is normally fun though most people take it seriously and practice for long periods. To improve your volleyball skill and become a better player, it is vital that you spend time getting volleyball training and doing volleyball drills. Thesportbro can teach you more about becoming a great volleyball player. If you are a beginner in playing volleyball, then there is a wide range of drills that you can try. The following are some of the best drills for beginners in volleyball.

Wall hitting

If you have not developed your skills in passing the ball with your hand, then hitting a particular spot on the wall can be a challenge. Draw circles, hang clothes or picture a spot mentally on the wall that you want to hit, then bounce the ball off the wall. It helps you to get the right angles when hitting the ball and to learn to hit the ball with the fingers.hittingwall

Toss and pass

This drill requires two people to stand and face each other. One person then throws the ball to the other, and they pass it to each other. Practice passing the ball with your fingers and hands and to hit the ball with your forearms. This helps to improve your ability to tell the power required to pass or set the ball.


Line passing

This drill requires many people at least four people on each side. You should have the players lined up in two lines face to face and have the first player pass the ball to the person opposite him. Once the ball is released, the passer goes to the back. Continue this for ten minutes daily to get the players used to hitting the ball quickly and then moving.


blocksMost beginners tend to find it difficult blocking and not hitting the net. Here you should jump straight up then touch a point on the wall with the hands but not the arms. Ensure you use a good form for the block, and this drill will improve your ability to block without hitting the net.

Training practices such as warming up, practicing daily, repeating the drill over and over and perfecting your movements will help to mold you into a world-class volleyball player.