Technology is moving forward day by day. Computer components are going up at a furious speed, and Monitors are not getting left behind! The latest technology update Monitors got is achieving the 144hz mark.

Day by day visuals are upgrading, GPUs are getting upgraded and cheaper to buy, and on that following, the Monitors do not lack anything of this fine art. 144hz technology is not too much new, but it is getting popular among everyone day by day. The main reason behind its increasing popularity is because back in the day, mid end GPUs didn’t have the capacity to do 100+fps but nowadays, it is just an ordinary sunshine. So, slowly 144hz monitors are the first choice of gamers in terms of performance. Slowly, the hype is increasing for 144hz monitors and this time this hype is not anything fake about 144hz Monitors.

The Difference

2The idea behind the 144hz monitor is really simple. In a normal 60hz monitor, the screen refreshes itself 60 times a second while in the 144hz monitor, the screen refreshes the feed 144 times per second. This means, that in a 144hz monitor, the screen gives you a smoother viewing and faster reaction times. The only way to experience the change is to shift to a 144hz monitor from the usual 60hz one and one would immediately notice the changes of the monitor having faster action and therefore the viewer will also have faster reaction.

There are only two types of 144hz monitors available, and their difference is nothing but their pane which makes a lot of change in final results!

There are two types of panels used in the 144hz monitors.

TN panel and IPS panel

TN panels entered the 144hz zone very recently. These panels are really fast and cheap, and also contains a great quality of contrast so it is good for gamers. But, its colors are not up to the mark. But, the biggest advantage of TN panels is speed. In a 144hz monitor with TN panel, the refreshing rate is even pushed to 240hz! And this is a great jump of speed and it helps massively with gaming. But, the downside is the colors. The color in TN display is average, worse than IPS display. And, it’s viewing angle is not good. If someone plans on using more than one monitor, he or she will face
a serious problem.

IPS panels

3On the other hand is the latest technology. With a bigger price tag then a 144hz TN paneled monitor, IPS panels are taking over the monitors and the market. And, if someone wants to use more than one monitor, he or she has no other option rather than use an IPS paneled 144hz monitor. And, as slowly IPS panels are getting cheaper, it is inevitable that they will rule the market and replace TN paneled 144hz monitors completely. So, when someone is planning on upgrading his gaming by just changing minimum equipment, the best path will be to replace the 60hz monitor with a 144hz monitor and in doing so, one has to choose the panels according to his budget and needs.